Hotplate Digital Magnetic Stirrer


£314.99 +vat £377.99 inc VAT

The SAMCO SM-320 Hot Plate Digital Magnetic Stirrer has a ceramic surface with excellent chemical resistance, designed with operator safety in mind. The digital display allows the precise control of speed, time and temperature when mixing liquids up to a maximum capacity of 10 litres.

The SAMCO SM-320 Hot Plate Digital Magnetic Stirrer is supplied with a PT-1000 Temperature Sensor Probe to accurately measure the temperature of the medium being heated.

  • Digital display for precise control of time, speed and temperature settings
  • Speed selection from 200 to 2,200 rpm
  • Temperature displayed in C or F, from ambient to 320 C
  • Continuous mode and timer settings from 1-999 minutes
  • LED safety warning light when the hotplate surface reaches 50 C or higher
  • Micro controller programming software enables last run memory and allows gradual stirring acceleration
  • Ceramic, chemically resistant surface plate with IP 21 protection class
  • PT-1000 Temperature Sensor Probe supplied, complete with support stand, rod and clamp
Voltage 24V (low voltage for safety)
Electrical supply 230V
Power 600W
Plate size (mm) 140
Dimensions (mm) 156 x 248 x 104
Stirring capacity (ml) 10000
Speed setting (rpm) 220 - 2200
Max temp (C) 320