Stuart SD162 Magnetic Stirrer/Hotplate


£753.01 +vat £903.61 inc VAT

Maximum speed 1300rpm, volume stirred 15 litres (based on water contained in a 20 litre flat bottom flask) and temperature 300C. Cast aluminium/silicon alloy hotplate 160 x 160mm, accommodating beakers up to 5 litres capacity. With digital setting and control, via a bright, fluorescent display which also simultaneously displays set and actual temperature to 1C and speed to 10rpm, separate safety circuit, dial setting, stirrer on and heater on warning indicators (the heater lamp flashes whilst plate temperature remains above 70C). A PTFE-coated, remote temperature probe which allows control of liquid temperature to 1C and up to 200C is also provided and a facility for mounting a 12.5mm retort rod at the rear of the case. Overall 190 x 300 x 110mm W x D x H. Weight 3.4kg. For 230V 50/60Hz single phase supplies. Hotplate rating 750W.